Sketch 10: Food Satisfaction (Data Visualization)

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 8.27.38 PMThroughout the span of almost two weeks, I recorded my level of food satisfaction on a subjective scale of 0-100. This tracking assignment yielded some interesting results, which after developing a visual representation of the data, revealed key information about my eating habits throughout the week.

Firstly, a noticeable trend appears in the weekends, where my levels of food satisfaction increase dramatically compared to weekdays. This is because during the weekend, I tend to go out and eat with my friends or my girlfriend, in an attempt to escape the brutal grip of the duc-ling; its merciless grasp on my palate is accurately reflected by the low values presented during the week days, where values oscillate in the lower bound of the graph. Any strong outliers during the week day, such as the second Tuesday in my tracking assignment, are attributed to my ordering Uber Eats. As a general rule, if the value of food satisfaction exceeds 30 during a week day, it could be due to three factors: either I ate outside of Emory, went to Cox, or ordered food through Uber Eats.


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