Literacy Narrative Reflection

Writing my literacy narrative was one thing, but making a comic out of it was a challenge from a whole other world. When writing my narrative, I did not have to focus as much on the fluidity of an actual narrative, which led to some unnecessary information regarding the narrative to be uselessly scattered throughout. Once I had to put my narrative into a comic, I was forced to rethink everything I had written down in order to properly narrate it and pass it onto a coherent story. Passing it as comics made me realize what parts had to be readjusted, and what parts required more emphasis in order to make it a more effective narrative.

As I developed the comic, I had a clear idea of exactly how I wanted to develop my images in order to portray the story in the way I wanted. However, there was one problem with that: I have no illustration skills whatsoever, so I was limited to the few drawing skills I possessed in order to create the images I had envisioned. Hypothetically speaking, I would have been 100% satisfied with my literacy narrative comic if I had a private illustrator to whom I could explain all my ideas in order to properly place them on paper.

This was a great experience in my opinion, because even though I will not be an illustrator or writer in the future, it made me improve my writing skills and the way I approach narrating anything as a whole, given that this project helped me discover the best ways to display and properly narrate anything.


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