Literacy Narrative Draft & Feedback

IMG_1356 2

This class we passed around our first draft comics and received feedback on them. To say the least, it was an incredibly helpful process, since the feedback was taken seriously and has given me a new sense of direction with my comic. I was very glad that the feedback reflected the tone I intended to depict: lighthearted and comic.Something I noticed was that a student took the idea of my comic to be that the reading competition was wha t pushed me to read, when in reality was something tat pushed me away from reading (probably should make that more clear in my comic). Another very interesting suggestion was that I should introduce more angles and types of frame into my comic to make it more interesting; I had nought really thought of varying angles that much because of my poor drawing abilities, but since so much emphasis was given in this domain, I’ll try my best to introduce some variance into my comic’s angle of depiction.


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