Sketch 6

IMG_1010This image is the cleanest representation of my backpack’s contents. It’s usually a mess of papers stashed and crammed along notebooks and my trusty note-pad. I’m a big fan of notepads: being a disorganized person, having an outlet to simply write down anything I need to at the moment is just ideal; it also plays the role of being my math notebook.

Before taking this picture, I had no idea it’d be a task I get into that much. I spent a considerable amount of time rearranging all the objects into the ideal position for a nice picture. Although I lack talent, it sure was interesting to have an inner drive to display the contents of my backpack in a way that felt aesthetically pleasing.

This exercise also helped me discover my backpack’s logo, when assaulted by a camera’s flash, gives off a strange refraction of light when seeing the picture. The effect can only be seen in the picture, and surprisingly not in person. The more you know…


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