Today’s Quotes: In Class Free-Write

Richard McGuire’s Here is a very complex comic to follow compared to “Maus”. Given that comics, as said in “Why Comics”, “involves a substantial degree of reader participation to stitch together narrative meaning”, the complexity of the panels is positively related to the degree of focus and dedication one must have to the text. In the case of “Maus”, time changes tend to be relatively frequent, but are introduced in a relatively simplistic fashion, not changing time-frame more than two times in one go; however, “Here” presents multiple time frames in the span of just a few panels, and at times, two completely different and unrelated timeframes in a singular panel. “Here”‘s overabundance of timeframes also, in my personal opinion disrupts the comic’s “‘all-at-onceness,’ or its ‘symphonic effect'”, because I am not able to derive much sense of the comic by analyzing its general picture before starting to read. However, in “Maus”, glancing over the page before reading it and admiring its ‘all-at-onceness’ gives you a general sense of what’s to come, preparing your mind to read the text.


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