The chicken messed up…


A scared, lonely chicken seeing his phone is at 1% outside a G-Tech apartment complex at 5:32 am is the perfect description of my last night out. A series of unprecedented events led to me almost having to walk miles and miles through rain and cold in order to get to my dorm. It started like an ordinary night out, which turned to a scavenger search for the friend I swore I’d go back to Emory with. I lost them in Gold Room a popular club in Atlanta, and as the night progressed, and the club closed down, I was forced to look for them not only outside the club, but in the apartment complex we pregamed in. A couple of hours into the search, my friend told me he somehow (and inexplicably) managed to get to Emory. Knowing my friend was safe now, I hit up an uber to take me back home after such a perilous night… I did not expect for the uber to take so long, and my phone to be at the brink of death; the fact that my inability to get to Emory relied solely on the 1% of battery left on my phone instantly made me a chicken, hence my expertly crafted drawing.


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