Preface and Reflection: Literacy Narrative

Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with text books, encyclopedia, and any sort of book which directly and explicitly states information, unlike novels, whose overwhelming amounts of sugarcoating and lack of conciseness bores me. Although these still comprise a great part of my passion for reading, I am still in search of other forms of recreational reading which deviate from my current interests. I’m kind of a tough cookie when I attempt to read a novel: I usually do not go beyond Chapter 1 if the content is not concise at my degree of liking. My childhood experiences in elementary school cemented this preference over explicit information rather than fictional, sugarcoated narratives.

As I wrote this analysis of my peculiar reading preferences, I realized it was about time to share my perspective with other people. Talking about my reading preferences is something I usually avoid, given that they deviate greatly from the general public. Writing was a breeze, especially after freewriting prior to its composition. In a sense, it was refreshing to finally let it all out after such long time keeping these thoughts to myself; it made me realize that not talking about this for so long has actually been a terrible idea, since my quirkiness opens up new topics of conversation, and possible recommendation of books that I might actually enjoy.

If there is one sentence in this essay that best reflects who I am, it would be the following:

“I went over to the kindergarten section of the library, did my “market research”, and did the math…”

I think now it’s the time to read about a chubby 5th grader against the world in my literacy narrative.


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  1. Your essay was remarkable similar to my experience as a child. I had the same quiz system for pizza and similarly my love for pizza drove me to earn points in whatever fashion possible. Also, I have a similar dislike for novels while I can also enjoy my fair share of non fiction books.


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