My Avatar

This is my virtually assembled avatar, an attempt to portray not only my physical, but an insight into my personality. Let’s start off by analyzing my expression: i’m not displaying joy nor sadness, just neutrality; this is my way of thinking. I try to be as neutral and objective in my thoughts, given that many times emotionally-dictated thoughts (which translate to actions) can be irrational, especially in the professional and educational ambient. The background, a vibrant red “zap effect” serves to represent anything that might be happening to or around me; although life’s occurrences might get overwhelming, I try my best to remain neutral, objected, and mindful of my response to the given occurrences. The black shirt is relatively self explanatory to anyone who knows me personally, because I always tend to wear black shirts.

There was one main difficulty while creating this avatar: besides my ability to play and create music, I have no artistic ability whatsoever, therefore making the creation of a personal avatar was extremely challenging. With that in mind, I had never explored photoshop or any designing tools that would allow me to create this avatar. I faced the situation upfront, and ultimately was able to design the avatar below with the assistance of a cloud-based website and Pixlr. When faced with a difficulty, I will not spend my time complaining; I’ll do my best to mitigate the difficulty and set myself on the path to success.



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